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Commercial Auto

Insurance for your entire fleet

Commercial auto insurance covers the cost of accidents involving business-owned vehicles. It also covers vehicle theft, vandalism, and certain types of vehicle damage.

Commercial auto insurance provides coverage for:

• Auto accident liability
• Medical payments
• Physical damage and collision
• Accidents involving uninsured motorists

Auto accident liability

Commercial auto insurance includes liability coverage that helps pay for damages in an accident you caused. That could include:
• Repair costs for the other person’s damaged vehicle or property
• Legal expenses if you’re sued over the other driver’s injuries

These are just a few ways you can adapt your coverage. Call Shawn Shirdarreh Team today for all the details.

Medical payments

Commercial auto insurance policies that include medical payments coverage can pay for:

  • Your medical expenses if you’re injured in a car accident
  • Medical expenses for passengers in your vehicle

This coverage is available regardless of who caused the accident.

Physical damage and collision

Commercial automobile insurance protects against vehicle theft and physical damage including:

  • Vandalism
  • Certain weather events
  • Impact with another object

Accidents involving uninsured motorists

Uninsured motorist insurance protects you if you’re in an accident with an at-fault driver who doesn’t carry liability insurance.

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