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Insurance to protect your business and your work

As a contractor, you’re exposed to a number of risks that could make or break your business. If you’re in construction, you may have to secure a bid with bonding insurance. If you own or lease commercial space, there’s property insurance. Your tools, equipment and construction materials also deserve special care, not to mention your liability, your revenues or your truck.

At Shawn Shirdarreh Team, we’ll building your contractor insurance block by block. Once we’ve analyzed your business needs, we’ll put together a comprehensive insurance solution to shield you from the financial fallout of unforeseen events.

Your contractor insurance policy may include coverage for:

  • The commercial space you own and all of its content. If you lease it, it will cover all the improvements you’ve made.
  • The tools and equipment you own, in case of theft or breakage
  • The revenues you stand to lose if you cannot perform the services you were hired for
  • The work of subcontractors
  • Lawsuits made against you if you’re held liable for someone’s injuries or property loss

At Shawn Shirdarreh Team, we want to help you build the business you have envisioned. Call us today to get a FREE estimate.

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