Does Commercial Property Insurance cover vacant properties?

Non-residential property is considered vacant after 30 days and seen as high-risk. When your property is vacant or unoccupied for a prolonged period, it is more susceptible to property damages, such as theft and vandalism, which may affect how your insurer would handle a claim. As a result, your insurer may remove some key coverages from your policy (e.g., vandalism related property damages) after 30 days of vacancy. To better understand the restrictions around commercial property vacancy, please speak to your broker.


Does Commercial Property Insurance cover employee theft?

No, employee theft is covered under Crime Insurance coverage. Although Commercial Property Insurance may protect businesses from property damage by third-parties, it does not cover stolen money or securities. About 1 in 3 Canadian companies are concerned about employee theft. To protect your business from theft of money and securities, forgery, and computer fraud, by a third party, add Crime Insurance to your insurance policy.