Is Technology Insurance the same as Cyber Liability Insurance?

Technology Insurance could broadly include several different insurance policies that are required by tech companies to protect themselves against the usual risks they face. Cyber Liability insurance provides coverage for damages due to cyber attacks, so it is one of the coverages usually included in a Technology Insurance policy, along with other coverages such as general liability, errors and omissions, legal expense insurance etc.

Are Legal Expenses covered under my Technology Insurance policy?

You may choose to add Legal Expense coverage to your Technology Insurance policy (and we recommend that you do). Legal Expense coverage provides access to a lawyer for immediate legal advice on any business related matter, and coverage for legal expenses for the following: Contract Disputes, Employment Disputes, Criminal Defence, Property Disputes, Personal Injury, and Tax Disputes.

What is the difference between Technology Insurance and Tech E&O Insurance?

Technology Insurance is a specialized policy for technology companies (e.g. Software Developers, IT Staffing, SaaS providers, E-commerce) that includes coverages especially curated to protect Technology companies from the unique risks they face. Tech E&O insurance provides protection in case of errors and omissions in a technology company’s services and is usually included under the broader Technology Insurance policy along with other coverages required by tech companies.